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6 Secret Weapons You Won’t Learn in Nursing School 

6 Secret Weapons You Won’t Learn in Nursing Schoolâ We as a whole expertise much considering is required to turn into a medical caretaker. Be that as it may, much after every one of those books and hours, there are a couple of devices in the enchantment tool stash that can help transform a medical attendant into a super healer through the span of their profession. 1. Untruth DetectionWhether a patient is too humiliated to even think about discussing the genuine issue or they’re battling with habit, the ER nurture is the b***s*** distinguishing first line of guard. Build up your sharpness in making sense of what a patient actually needs (or doesn’t need) and you’ll help them in far more noteworthy numbers.2. Normal SenseThis one is practically difficult to instruct, however it is vital and specialists and medical attendants, especially in the riotous ER, will in general aggregate a ton of it. It’s what causes you keep your head and triage the situation.3. Cool Under ChaosControl is incredible, however it doe sn’t consistently wait long in the ER. A great many people, whenever dropped into that mayhem, would disintegrate under the weight. Yet, keeping your cool with patients all over and surprising issues? That’s a standard issue ability for nurses.4. Gut InstinctYou’ve examined everything there is to consider, yet you’re nothing without intuition. It’s a nurse’s clear-cut advantage, sharpened through the span of a profession. Persistence, perception, and long periods of training give attendants more profound knowledge, in addition to the certainty to tune in to that hunch when it comes!5. A Noise-Cancelling BrainChaos is noisy. Pagers, alarms, voices, and codes are flying and your assignment is to focus on tuning in to one heartbeat or one patient history. Figure out how to block out the overabundance clamor and you’ll build up the capacity to concentrate just on the most noteworthy priority.6. A Nose for ItNothing in the ER smells especi ally pleasant. In any case, attendants have a quicker feeling of what the craziest scents can mean, restoratively. They’ve spared a large number of hours and dollars speeding up the analytic procedure with their Spidey sense.

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Advanced Accounting Theory and Practice-Corporate social Coursework

Propelled Accounting Theory and Practice-Corporate social responsibilityCSRtheories - Coursework Example Starbuck takes part in CSR because of its proceeding with responsibility to assist them with adding to financial improvement by being capable to their particular partners (Hancock, 2005, 12). The partner hypothesis keeps up that an organization ought to receive arrangements that target fulfilling various partners since they can influence or are influenced by the accomplishment of the company’s goals. This hypothesis respects the importance of good administration and how every individual can make an incentive for one another. Starbuck’s contribution in CSR will help in the improvement of genuine open doors for development. By submitting a capable venture on the segment of the economy, the organization is upgrading the social government assistance of their partners in this manner coming about to financial development in this manner improving the expectations for everyday comforts of the partners (Mullerat and Brennan, 2011, 89). As per integrative speculations, an organization ought to participate in CRS so as to coordinate interest and worries by their partners and society since they rely upon the general public just as the partners for presence, congruity and development. A CSR program will help Starbuck in enlisting and holding representatives since potential enlists the serious alumni understudy advertise particularly, regularly take a gander at CSR arrangements of an organization. CSR, in this manner, conveys a substantially more positive impression of Starbuck among its workforce, especially when they are included through finance giving gathering pledges or network chipping in exercises (Hancock, 2005, 15). An organization should think about the social or partner request and incorporate them in such a way, that they work as indicated by normal practices and qualities. This is plainly spelt out by authenticity hypothesis. The hypothesis expresses that a firm ought to work inside guidelines, standards and convictions of their individual social orders, and this is the motivation behind why Starbuck has chosen to pay charge on their British deals which they have been maintaining a strategic distance from. They have gotten an authenticity danger by

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Casting and Data Type Conversions in VB.NET

Throwing and Data Type Conversions in VB.NET Throwing is the way toward changing over one information type to another, for instance, from an Integer type to a String type. A few tasks in VB.NET require explicit information types to work. Throwing makes the sort you need. The main article in this two-section arrangement, Casting and Data Type Conversions in VB.NET, presents throwing. This article depicts the three administrators you can use to cast in VB.NET - DirectCast, CType and TryCast - and looks at their presentation. Execution is one of the huge contrasts between the three throwing administrators as indicated by Microsoft and different articles. For instance, Microsoft is generally mindful so as to caution that, DirectCast ... can give fairly preferable execution over CType when changing over to and from information type Object. (Accentuation included.) I chose to think of some code to check. Yet, initial an expression of alert. Dan Appleman, one of the authors of the specialized book distributer Apress and a solid specialized master, once disclosed to me that benchmarking execution is a lot harder to do accurately than a great many people figure it out. There are factors like machine execution, different procedures that may be running in equal, advancement like memory reserving or compiler improvement, and blunders in your suppositions about what the code is really doing. In these benchmarks, I have attempted to dispose of apples and oranges correlation mistakes and the sum total of what tests have been run with the discharge manufacture. Be that as it may, there still may be mistakes in these outcomes. On the off chance that you notice any, it would be ideal if you let me know. The three throwing administrators are: DirectCastCTypeTryCast In functional reality, you will normally find that the necessities of your application will figure out which administrator you use. DirectCast and TryCast have slender necessities. At the point when you use DirectCast, the sort should as of now be known. Despite the fact that the code ... theString DirectCast(theObject, String) ... will incorporate effectively on the off chance that theObject isnt a string effectively, at that point the code will toss a runtime special case. TryCast is considerably increasingly prohibitive on the grounds that it wont work at all on esteem types, for example, Integer. (String is a reference type. For additional on esteem types and reference types, see the main article in this arrangement.) This code ... theInteger TryCast(theObject, Integer) ... wont even assemble. TryCast is valuable when youre not certain what kind of item youre working with. Instead of tossing a mistake like DirectCast, TryCast just brings Nothing back. The typical practice is to test to no end in the wake of executing TryCast. Just CType (and the other Convert administrators like CInt and CBool) will change over sorts that dont have a legacy relationship, for example, an Integer to a String: Diminish theString As String 1 Diminish theInteger As Integer theInteger CType(theString, Integer) This works in light of the fact that CType utilizes partner works that arent part of the .NET CLR (Common Language Runtime) to play out these changes. However, recall that CType will likewise toss a special case if theString doesnt contain something that can be changed over to an Integer. In the event that theres a likelihood that the string isnt a number like this ... Diminish theString As String George ... at that point no throwing administrator will work. Indeed, even TryCast wont work with Integer since its a worth sort. For a situation like this, you would need to utilize legitimacy checking, for example, the TypeOf administrator, to check your information before attempting to cast it. Microsofts documentation for DirectCast explicitly specifies throwing with an Object type so that is the thing that I utilized in my first execution test. Testing starts on the following page! DirectCast will typically utilize an Object type, so that is the thing that I utilized in my first execution test. To incorporate TryCast in the test, I additionally incorporated an If hinder since almost all projects that utilization TryCast will have one. For this situation, in any case, it will never be executed. Heres the code that looks at all three when throwing an Object to a String: Diminish theTime As New Stopwatch() Diminish theString As String Diminish theObject As Object An Object Diminish theIterations As Integer CInt(Iterations.Text) * 1000000 DirectCast Test theTime.Start() For I 0 To theIterations theString DirectCast(theObject, String) Next theTime.Stop() DirectCastTime.Text theTime.ElapsedMilliseconds.ToString CType Test theTime.Restart() For I As Integer 0 To theIterations theString CType(theObject, String) Next theTime.Stop() CTypeTime.Text theTime.ElapsedMilliseconds.ToString TryCast Test theTime.Restart() For I As Integer 0 To theIterations theString TryCast(theObject, String) On the off chance that theString Is Nothing, Then MsgBox(This ought to never show) End If Next theTime.Stop() TryCastTime.Text theTime.ElapsedMilliseconds.ToString This underlying test appears to show that Microsoft is flawless. Heres the outcome. (Investigations with bigger and littler quantities of emphasess just as rehashed tests under various conditions didnt show any huge contrasts from this outcome.) Snap Here to show the outline DirectCast and TryCast were comparable at 323 and 356 milliseconds, however CType took more than three fold the amount of time at 1018 milliseconds. When throwing reference types this way, you pay for the adaptability of CType in execution. Be that as it may, accomplishes it generally work thusly? The Microsoft model in their page for DirectCast is fundamentally helpful for mentioning to you what wont work utilizing DirectCast, not what will. Heres the Microsoft model: Diminish q As Object 2.37 Diminish I As Integer CType(q, Integer) The accompanying transformation fizzles at run time Diminish j As Integer DirectCast(q, Integer) Diminish f As New System.Windows.Forms.Form Diminish c As System.Windows.Forms.Control The accompanying change succeeds. c DirectCast(f, System.Windows.Forms.Control) As it were, you cannot utilize DirectCast (or TryCast, in spite of the fact that they dont notice it here) to cast an Object type to an Integer type, yet you can utilize DirectCast to cast a Form type to a Control type. Lets check the exhibition of Microsofts case of what will work with DirectCast. Utilizing a similar code format appeared above, substitute ... c DirectCast(f, System.Windows.Forms.Control) ... into the code alongside comparative replacements for CType and TryCast. The outcomes are a bit of amazing. Snap Here to show the outline DirectCast was really the slowest of the three decisions at 145 milliseconds. CType is only somewhat faster at 127 milliseconds however TryCast, including an If square, is the snappiest at 77 milliseconds. I likewise took a stab at composing my own articles: Class ParentClass ... End Class Class ChildClass Acquires ParentClass ... End Class I got comparative outcomes. Apparently if youre not throwing an Object type, youre happier not utilizing DirectCast.

Is the cost of College tuition to high?

There has been ongoing babble that the expense of school educational cost is rising increasingly more every year. It’s a positive mishap to each undergrads particularly those of us who can scarcely stand to pay for junior college. It nearly drives us to consider taking out school credits only for initial two years of school. Be that as it may, is that even a sheltered decision? As of now, as of Monday, CNN journalists have reported that school advance loan fees are multiplying 6. 8% on July, first. Presently, I realize that advances aren’t the best way to help take care of school. There is consistently FAFSA, however even FAFSA has eliminated financing and is making it somewhat trickier to get the pell award with their new arrangements and rules. Despite the fact that College is significant and a way to a brilliant and effective future the expense of our educational cost is exceptionally debilitating. Its actually a frightening idea and it adds another substantial block to the pressure wagon. In any case, According to look into there are fine motivations to why the circumstance has been lead to the where its at today. Odland, Steve. â€Å"College Costs Our of Control. † Forbes. om. Forbes, 24 Mar. 2012. Web. 23 June 2013. This article clarifies how training is a basic piece of the American life yet it additionally builds up the costs and how costly everything has gotten for an understudy today. Instruction is the balance in our nation, individuals can grow up with next to no yet have a passage to progress by utilizing training. I truly like how this art icle clarifies how significant instruction is paying little mind to the cost or school. It gives clear and current information of how much every degree pays off at long last. The data in this article would be helpful one might say to clarify how significant an instruction is and what it can convey in our nation. This would be extraordinary information to fabricate a viewpoint for somebody who is hoping to select into school since it gives it an empowering tone. Nielson, Amy. â€Å"Is College Getting Too Expensive for Americans ? † Deseretnews. N. p. , 18 Mar. 2013. Web. 23 June 2013. In the article Is school becoming unreasonably costly for Americans The writer Amy Nielson Explains How much the profundity for school costs has developed. She expounds on understudies would need to set off for colleges closer to home, as opposed to picking a school of their inclination. For certain individuals the expense of school even restricts their decision to picking a vocation in light of the fact that the expense of your educational cost additionally relies upon your profession decision. They would likewise need to eliminate transportation and fundamental things, for example, food, upkeep, technology†¦ Etc. She closes by saying that 36% of understudies don’t gain the aptitudes they paid for in school, or they aren’t content with their advanced degree. This article would show Both understudies and organization how the expense of high educational cost can give a negative effect on our understudies by restricting them to go further or picking what they truly need to do. I would presumably simply utilize this article for its static’s since a ton of it is a lot of like my different sources. Hechinger, John. â€Å"U. S. Universities Raise Tuition 4. 8%, Outpacing Inflation. † Bloomberg. com. Bloomberg, 24 Oct. 2012. Web. 30 June 2013. All things considered, in my next source U. S schools Raises educational cost 4. 8%, Outpacing expansion clarifies how definitely educational cost has ascended in America. It states in the year 2012-2013 they have expanded educational cost by 4. 2% leaving educational cost at 30k/year. This article characterizes how much obligation there has been since 2011 and how other money related assistants, for example, administrative helper, and awards have been diminishing because of little government subsidizing. This article additionally addresses a bothersome truth on how high school costs are and how much obligation there has been. This would be an ideal article for the school board, and organization. This would be exceptionally useful attempting to open up the eyes of my crowd by indicating the sensational increment in school educational cost. Morici, Peter. â€Å"College Too High, Delivers Too Little. † Ocregister. com. N. p. , 13 Jan. 2013. Web. 23 June 2013. In this article it examines likewise the significant expense of school however how universities can rip off an understudy. Throughout the decades, Americans have been persuaded that occupations are required to have certain abilities and information that require an advanced degree, for example, directors, sales rep, circuit testers.. And so on. Employment titles that were once learned by experience currently require a degree or affirmation. The creator Peter Morici is persuaded that colleges are exploiting this. He feels that today establishments and colleges center more around the cash than the training. Despite the fact that this is to a greater degree a one-sided article the writer clarifies well his assessments, and utilizations enticing composition and realities to persuade his crowd. I could utilize a few models and thoughts to do likewise with my perusers. Holtom, Brooks C. â€Å"College merits the Cost. † Http://www. businessweek. com/debateroom/chronicles/2010/03/college_is_worth_the_cost. html. Bloomberg Business Week, n. d. Web. 30 June 2013. School merits the cost give the two Pros and cons to going to school paying little heed to the current budgetary state. Despite the fact that it calls attention to the defects (which is generally the costs) it commends more the constructive results by clarifying how much well off an individual is with an advanced degree is than somebody with only a secondary school recognition. Utilizing a piece like this would prove to be useful to a group of people of more youthful individuals that could be disheartened to go to class. It clarifies very well the upsides and downsides, this could advise and give an understudy and fabricate their very own supposition. This source was alright however a great deal of it was a recurrent the main differentiation is that it shows both positive and negative focuses which was useful, ut a ton of the data I definitely know. Gonzales, Sara. â€Å"Why It's Harder for College Students to Get Financial Aid This Summer. † Florida RSS. State Impact, 14 May 2012. Web. 01 July 2013. Among the entirety of this we cannot disregard FAFSA. FAFSA has additionally contracted their benefits recently and rather supplant them with more credits. As of late a great deal of understudies have â€Å"maxed out their Grants throughout the fall and spring, having understudies not having enough for summer school. The motivation behind why understudies have Maxed out their advances is on the grounds that FAFSA doesn’t loan as much cash since beneficiary has been some ongoing changes to the capabilities, a huge one being that they brought down the measure of pay a family can make so as to qualify. This article would be all around utilized in an article for understudies and the school board. This present data is significant for an understudy to know and ideally it would open of the school board to perceive how much our alternatives are declining. Utilizing this forward-thinking data would be extremely viable in my exploration since it impacts a great deal of understudies, for example, myself.

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Laundering Control Law Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Washing Control Law - Article Example For this reasons, authorities accountable for seeing over the significant tasks finished by agents and different brokers far and wide have discovered clear approaches to control the methods to which monetary resources are traded between parties included. The illegal tax avoidance control laws are essentially settled to make better possibilities for the monetary assets to be appropriated at any rate as equitably as conceivable towards the individuals truly required and are buckling down for the picking up of such assets. It is through the foundation of this law that cash is circulated to individuals in a fairly significant way that everybody requiring it really is given legitimate thought. In UK, monetary specialists are exposed to various analytical methodology before they could really proclaim the cash they hand out to be spotless and liberated from a specific issue. Notwithstanding, in view of the canny methodology of the individuals who have specific sick suggestions with respect to acquiring cash, the advancement of illegal tax avoidance strategies have come into acknowledgment with respect to business progress. Through this, cash taken from sick methods is made clean and is consequently used openly in the market as it is circulated starting with one handler then onto the next. Under the UK custom-based law, the foundation of illegal tax avoidance as a dad... In the passages that follow, an assessment of the certainties behind illegal tax avoidance's real cases will be introduced regarding how they legitimately influence the cutting edge UK society and how the said nation's locale faces the test of imbalanced conveyance of riches not just inside their own country adjoin the world over. About Money Laundering As referenced before, tax evasion is an essential procedure of bringing in cash resourced out from unlawful and improper assets are made clean through concealed case announcements making it simpler for the proprietor of the said measure of fund have a reasonable chance of going through the cash in the general public in a free way. Proclaiming where cash originated from is a significant piece of present day business. For what reason is this so' Money obviously is referred to for being utilized as an all inclusive exchanging resource. Henceforth, if the cash originated from an unlawful source and has not been announced as one that seems, by all accounts, to be the truth that it is, at that point the chance of controlling wrongdoing is lost along these lines coming about to an increasingly imbalanced procedure of appropriating the riches and funds that individuals around the network straightforwardly have the right to get. Budgetary wrongdoings, for example, tax avoidance and bogus bookkeeping statement are just among the most uncontrolled money related violations existent in the general public today. These violations have been seen as specific wellsprings of business just as network strains as the riches kept by the individuals who are as of now having an extraordinary control of the economy are seen as taken cash from the general public who had been buckling down for the said measure of accounts. Therefore, there is a decent push that brings in illegal tax avoidance control law the essential mediations that financing

Firewalls provide complete from hacking .Discuss this in terms of Essay

Firewalls give total from hacking .Discuss this regarding protection and data get to - Essay Example By and by, a few specialists accept that firewalls are a viable answer for manage these issues. This article will examine the execution of the firewall innovation for the upgraded security of any business or individual system. Additionally, it will diagram and break down firewalls security matters, viability, and strategies notwithstanding executed in individual and associations. The terms security and protection are related with information and data, which are significant part for associations just as people. Security contains the principles, activities, and specialized estimates used to stop illicit access or change, burglary, and physical harm to the database (Laudon and Laudon, 1999, p. 502). Protection alludes to right of people and associations to deny or limit the accumulation and uses of data about them and most associations complete their business exercises on the Internet, and at the present, making sure about data on the Internet has become a test for the associations just as people. What's more, the point of data security is the wellbeing of information from startling or overall dangers to their dependability and use. Since the usage of information and data has gotten out to be progressively open through the Internet, business intranets, and from portable registering gadgets. Accordingly, applying information security productively has gotten progr essively muddled and time taking (Shulman, 2006), (Norton, 2001) and (Hoffer, Prescott, and McFadden, 2007, p. 499). The expanded use of the Internet and the World Wide Web places systems at much bigger peril of undesirable dangers. Different organizations appropriate or distribute data on the Internet (utilizing sites), while remaining organizations have laborers who convey data to the Internet from the association arrange or download material from the

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Neoclassical Art and Romanticism Essay - 1650 Words

Neoclassical Art and Romanticism (Research Paper Sample) Content: Neoclassical art and romanticismInsert name:Institutional affiliation:Due date:Introduction Four distinct periods in history (renaissance, baroque, neoclassicism, and romanticism) stand out with various artistic products. Works created during these particular periods were similar, although had distinct differences. The renaissance era of art started during 1400s in Italy. It considered as one of the most significant in Europes history since it was an era in which medieval time was transitioned into the modern age. Renaissance period was followed by Baroque period in 1600s which was another transformation period that came during reformation. Renaissance artists focused on the examples of knowledge and values left by the classic Greek and roman cultures. Baroque arts were recreation renaissance arts; therefore, were dramatic, emotional, complex and diverse, and were often used by catholic Counter-Reformation efforts to fight against Protestantism. Neoclassicism and roma nticism have distinct characteristics, though derived their development from renaissance and baroque. The paper is focused to compare the Jacques-Louis David Oath of Horattii and Eugene Delacroixs liberty leading the people to show how these artists represented these tumultuous years. The paper also aims to examine the history of neoclassic art and romantics and these two artists in specific. The history of Neo-Classical and Romanticist art including the two artistsNeoclassicism was the western movement in which visual art, architecture, and painting drew their inspiration from the classical culture and art of ancient Rome and Greece (Faroult, 2011). The neoclassical trend coincided with age of enlightenment in the 18th century and continued during the early 19th century and later competed with romanticism. Neoclassical art was unemotional, simple and realistic form of arts and rigid in nature as it was reacting against the overbred Rococo style and emotionalized Baroque style. Roma nticism gained momentum towards the end of 18th century. Romantic art was a product of a reaction against neoclassic art. According to Johnson (2011), romanticism combined the heroic components of neoclassic art with its revolutionary idealism to create an emotive romantic style. Romantic art emerged with the advent of the French Revolution. The principles of romanticism comprise of artwork focused on nature, complex and plenary painting, artwork promotes goodness of humanity and justice for all and emphasizes on strong emotions and senses rather than intellect and reason. Romantic artists created an emotional, personal response toward life rather than universal and restraint values promoted by neoclassical artists.Jacques-Louis David was the main proponent of neoclassical art; he worked for the emperor Napoleon as an official painter. In 1771, David obtained an awarded for his artwork was the second best. In 1774, he received best award in his painting. These enabled him to go for studies in Rome for five years training course. After five years, he returned to Paris where he was famously recognized of his anti-Rococo neoclassical art. Bietoletti (2009) says that the themes of his artwork depicted austerity (seriousness), devotion to duty and self-sacrifice. David was active in several fields. When the French revolution came, he put his history into practicality. He put his artwork and his personhood to serve actively during the French revolution.Eugene Delacroix was an influential exponent in the Romantic Movement. He used romantic style to create memorable and unique colorful arts. He journeyed across Europe and had a great experience in Morocco. He enjoyed his career that enabled him to obtain several commissions from the government. His painting and art techniques had a great effect on the impressionist and post-impressionist movements. His art displayed intense colors and emotion, expressed uninhibited and exploded energy. His artwork exposed fascination for violence and destruction and exposed life through virtuous colors (Moscovici, 2010). People admired him to due to his valiant technical innovations. Comparison of Delacroixs liberty leading the people and Davids oath of the Horatii Both the works of Delacroixs painting and Jacques-Louis Davids work bring into play the need to arm oneself though act on their own artistic styles (Bietoletti, 2009). First, Davids painting is based on neoclassical style whereas Delacroixs artwork is painted using a romantic style. Both the artworks were created to give viewers inspiration since they were painted during the French revolution.Davids Oath of the Horatii shows the three sons of Horatius swearing an oath to fight for their nation while their father stand holding swords for them to grasp (Faroult, 2011). On the left shows weeping women and a frightened child; they are sad because of the probability of death facing the Horatii brother. The painting is considered as an allegorical cry deman ding for a revolution in France. The structure of lines of the artwork indicates how David deviated away from extreme flowery and delicacy expression of the classical style. The painting is simple (there is no spontaneity), and the presence of feminine replaced a stoical masculinity of classical antiquity. The sons are on the left; Horatius is at the center while the women are on the left. David chose few colors that are well-balanced. The vivid red color on the Horatius cloak draws viewers attention. Brothers put on blue, white, and red clothing as they are passionately and patriotically prepared to fight for the glory of Rome.  The oath of the Horattii was designed a few years prior the French revolution, though it can be seen the painter is calling the people of France to arm themselves based on the idea that the painting depicts. The ideas of the painting entail the ideas of enlightenment that a person is the measure of all things; the struggle for natural rights and perfection of the person. David used his painting to refer to events from classical Greece that was the main theme of neoclassical painting to depict (Bietoletti, 2009). The painter shows a need to arm oneself that the Horatii have to adopt to fight against the Curatii. The Horatii brothers have to fight not just for the sake, but must fight against the ideals and lifestyle of the Curatii whom are their enemy. The Curatii live in a nearby state of Alba. As the swords indicate, even if the Horattii brothers die, they must protect their ideals. As it can be seen in the painting, the Horattii including others are painted in the clothing based on the Greek style including the back that is designed of Greek architectural style. This is a feature of neoclassical art. Certain artistic techniques, which can be seen in Davids painting, are various geometrical shapes David used to create his characters which assist to convey the story. David painted the Horattii brothers using a linear motion. The tors o, legs, and arms of the Horatii brothers are all extended while their muscles are flexed as they strive to reach the swords so they appear showing a sense of power within themselves while they reach the swords from their father who appears to take a step back (Cavina and McEwen, 2004). The women are shaped curvy; it seems they are weak and lack power. The women feel the Horatii brothers would not have the strength to defend the state. David decided to create this painting as a way of depicting the ideas of enlightenment to explain that ideas that an individual is the measure of all things that he has to fight. However, human beings are rational animals; they do not allow their relationship and feelings ruin the welfare of the state. On the other hand, the artwork (Liberty Leading the People) was the July Revolution of 1830. This was an event which Delacroix had to paint since he felt it was his obligation, as a revolutionist, to record the event. The art shows a woman, who carries a red flag, is commanding attention and leading people. The painter has designed pyramid structure with the leader at the peak while dead soldiers at the base of the ground. The pyramid technique creates a bala...