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Neoclassical Art and Romanticism Essay - 1650 Words

Neoclassical Art and Romanticism (Research Paper Sample) Content: Neoclassical art and romanticismInsert name:Institutional affiliation:Due date:Introduction Four distinct periods in history (renaissance, baroque, neoclassicism, and romanticism) stand out with various artistic products. Works created during these particular periods were similar, although had distinct differences. The renaissance era of art started during 1400s in Italy. It considered as one of the most significant in Europes history since it was an era in which medieval time was transitioned into the modern age. Renaissance period was followed by Baroque period in 1600s which was another transformation period that came during reformation. Renaissance artists focused on the examples of knowledge and values left by the classic Greek and roman cultures. Baroque arts were recreation renaissance arts; therefore, were dramatic, emotional, complex and diverse, and were often used by catholic Counter-Reformation efforts to fight against Protestantism. Neoclassicism and roma nticism have distinct characteristics, though derived their development from renaissance and baroque. The paper is focused to compare the Jacques-Louis David Oath of Horattii and Eugene Delacroixs liberty leading the people to show how these artists represented these tumultuous years. The paper also aims to examine the history of neoclassic art and romantics and these two artists in specific. The history of Neo-Classical and Romanticist art including the two artistsNeoclassicism was the western movement in which visual art, architecture, and painting drew their inspiration from the classical culture and art of ancient Rome and Greece (Faroult, 2011). The neoclassical trend coincided with age of enlightenment in the 18th century and continued during the early 19th century and later competed with romanticism. Neoclassical art was unemotional, simple and realistic form of arts and rigid in nature as it was reacting against the overbred Rococo style and emotionalized Baroque style. Roma nticism gained momentum towards the end of 18th century. Romantic art was a product of a reaction against neoclassic art. According to Johnson (2011), romanticism combined the heroic components of neoclassic art with its revolutionary idealism to create an emotive romantic style. Romantic art emerged with the advent of the French Revolution. The principles of romanticism comprise of artwork focused on nature, complex and plenary painting, artwork promotes goodness of humanity and justice for all and emphasizes on strong emotions and senses rather than intellect and reason. Romantic artists created an emotional, personal response toward life rather than universal and restraint values promoted by neoclassical artists.Jacques-Louis David was the main proponent of neoclassical art; he worked for the emperor Napoleon as an official painter. In 1771, David obtained an awarded for his artwork was the second best. In 1774, he received best award in his painting. These enabled him to go for studies in Rome for five years training course. After five years, he returned to Paris where he was famously recognized of his anti-Rococo neoclassical art. Bietoletti (2009) says that the themes of his artwork depicted austerity (seriousness), devotion to duty and self-sacrifice. David was active in several fields. When the French revolution came, he put his history into practicality. He put his artwork and his personhood to serve actively during the French revolution.Eugene Delacroix was an influential exponent in the Romantic Movement. He used romantic style to create memorable and unique colorful arts. He journeyed across Europe and had a great experience in Morocco. He enjoyed his career that enabled him to obtain several commissions from the government. His painting and art techniques had a great effect on the impressionist and post-impressionist movements. His art displayed intense colors and emotion, expressed uninhibited and exploded energy. His artwork exposed fascination for violence and destruction and exposed life through virtuous colors (Moscovici, 2010). People admired him to due to his valiant technical innovations. Comparison of Delacroixs liberty leading the people and Davids oath of the Horatii Both the works of Delacroixs painting and Jacques-Louis Davids work bring into play the need to arm oneself though act on their own artistic styles (Bietoletti, 2009). First, Davids painting is based on neoclassical style whereas Delacroixs artwork is painted using a romantic style. Both the artworks were created to give viewers inspiration since they were painted during the French revolution.Davids Oath of the Horatii shows the three sons of Horatius swearing an oath to fight for their nation while their father stand holding swords for them to grasp (Faroult, 2011). On the left shows weeping women and a frightened child; they are sad because of the probability of death facing the Horatii brother. The painting is considered as an allegorical cry deman ding for a revolution in France. The structure of lines of the artwork indicates how David deviated away from extreme flowery and delicacy expression of the classical style. The painting is simple (there is no spontaneity), and the presence of feminine replaced a stoical masculinity of classical antiquity. The sons are on the left; Horatius is at the center while the women are on the left. David chose few colors that are well-balanced. The vivid red color on the Horatius cloak draws viewers attention. Brothers put on blue, white, and red clothing as they are passionately and patriotically prepared to fight for the glory of Rome.  The oath of the Horattii was designed a few years prior the French revolution, though it can be seen the painter is calling the people of France to arm themselves based on the idea that the painting depicts. The ideas of the painting entail the ideas of enlightenment that a person is the measure of all things; the struggle for natural rights and perfection of the person. David used his painting to refer to events from classical Greece that was the main theme of neoclassical painting to depict (Bietoletti, 2009). The painter shows a need to arm oneself that the Horatii have to adopt to fight against the Curatii. The Horatii brothers have to fight not just for the sake, but must fight against the ideals and lifestyle of the Curatii whom are their enemy. The Curatii live in a nearby state of Alba. As the swords indicate, even if the Horattii brothers die, they must protect their ideals. As it can be seen in the painting, the Horattii including others are painted in the clothing based on the Greek style including the back that is designed of Greek architectural style. This is a feature of neoclassical art. Certain artistic techniques, which can be seen in Davids painting, are various geometrical shapes David used to create his characters which assist to convey the story. David painted the Horattii brothers using a linear motion. The tors o, legs, and arms of the Horatii brothers are all extended while their muscles are flexed as they strive to reach the swords so they appear showing a sense of power within themselves while they reach the swords from their father who appears to take a step back (Cavina and McEwen, 2004). The women are shaped curvy; it seems they are weak and lack power. The women feel the Horatii brothers would not have the strength to defend the state. David decided to create this painting as a way of depicting the ideas of enlightenment to explain that ideas that an individual is the measure of all things that he has to fight. However, human beings are rational animals; they do not allow their relationship and feelings ruin the welfare of the state. On the other hand, the artwork (Liberty Leading the People) was the July Revolution of 1830. This was an event which Delacroix had to paint since he felt it was his obligation, as a revolutionist, to record the event. The art shows a woman, who carries a red flag, is commanding attention and leading people. The painter has designed pyramid structure with the leader at the peak while dead soldiers at the base of the ground. The pyramid technique creates a bala...

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Why People Arent Discussing Writing Papers for Sale

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My Own Definition Of Personality - 916 Words

Does anyone ever really know what personality really means? Everyone has their own definition of what personality means to them individually. My own personal definition of personality is, a characteristic of our emotions, thoughts and how we react to certain situations that differentiate between various individuals. Following this paragraph I will explain why this is my own definition of personality. To begin with, some say culture can determine personality. The real question is, does it? According to explorable.com, Culture, influences the ways in which we learn, live and behave. With this in mind, there are many theorists whom believe that culture is an important shaper of our personality. One of the assumptions asserting the effect of culture to personality is that people who are born in the same culture share common personality traits. There are the 4 main theoretical approaches to personality. The first approach is the psychodynamic approach. Freud’s psychoanalytic theory became the basis of this approach. This psychodynamic approach adopts that a number of unconscious psychological processes act together to regulate our thoughts, feelings and behavior. The second approach is the trait approach. This approach accepts that personality is composed of stable internal personality traits that come into sight at varying strengths in different people and direct their thoughts feelings and behavior. The third approach is the social-cognitive approach. This approach believesShow MoreRelatedDevelopment Of Personality : Early And Middle Adulthood : Set Like Plaster Or Persistent Change? Essay843 Words   |  4 Pages Development of Personality in Early and Middle Adulthood: Set Like Plaster or Persistent Change? The five personality traits, a person, portray Neuroticism, Extroversion, Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, and Openness to experience. A person does have a small genetic bias relates to personality. Men and Women do have different genetic makeup that is more prone to gender-based social encounters. For example with two different sexes experience the same incident and the outcome results beingRead MorePersonality Reflection976 Words   |  4 PagesDelawrence Reed Psy/250 Version 6 Professor Wilkerson Personality Reflection Personality cares for the important, strong measures of a human being’s psychological vitality. Traits relates to an individual being merry or depressed, active or care less, brilliant or ignorant. There are many different definitions about personality. Most definitions are on mental system which is a cluster of mental pieces implicating purposes, feelings, and thinking patterns. The meanings alternate a littleRead MoreThe Five Personality Traits Definitions813 Words   |  4 PagesThe five personality traits, a person’s, portray Neuroticism, Extroversion, Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, and Openness to experience. A person does have a small genetic bias relates to personality. Men and Women do have different genetic makeup that is more prone to gender-based social encounters. For example, with two different sexes experience the same incident and the outcome results being different. The unanswered question is Men from Mars and Women from Venus. The Five personality traitsRead MoreMy Personal Definition Of Leadership942 Words   |  4 PagesBeginning in boot camp and continuing throughout my career, I’ve seen the Coast Guard promote the leadership model to be: â€Å"You† influencing â€Å"Others† to achieve a â€Å"Goal†. With all the different ways leadership can be defined, this simplistic model which has been permanently engrained in my thinking definition still rings true for me. As such, when defining my own personal definition of leadership, I align it to this same model. More specifically, while I support the fact that leadership involvesRead MorePsychology Study of Personality1207 Words   |  5 Pages Psychology of Personality Final paper Definition of Personality There are many definitions and theories regarding personality. Though there isn’t one specific definition that is acceptable for all the different personality theories, I believe that personality is the outward expression of ones beliefs, morals, and emotions; each of which define and differentiate an individual. Personality is seen to be a pattern of somewhat permanent traits and unique characteristics that give both consistencyRead MoreThe Myers Briggs Type Indicator794 Words   |  4 PagesThe Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a personality test based on the theories of Carl Jung. Jung developed the theory of psychological types where people are divided into four preferences. The groups are extroverted/introverted, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling, and judging/perceiving. There are 16 different potential personality types with the majority of the world’s population fitting into only eight of the 16 preferences. Extroversion and introversion involves a personâ€℠¢s preference in dealingRead MoreDefinition Of Leadership : Today s Economic Environment Essay951 Words   |  4 PagesDefinition of Leadership The modern and technically advanced workplace of today demands that strong leaders be in place so companies can continue to grow and compete for financial resources. Companies of today need more than someone who knows how to manage the available resources and ensure required tasks are completed. To be successful in today’s economic environment you need not only strong managers to take care of the day to day tasks but leaders who will inspire those around them to accomplishRead MorePsychology860 Words   |  4 Pagesand take at least three personality inventories. You can easily find these types of inventories online. You can also find these types of inventories in many different popular magazines. If you choose to search online, here are some ideas of verbiage to type into a search engine: †¢ Personality inventories test †¢ Personality inventory color analysis †¢ Big five personality test †¢ Dessert personality test †¢ Emotional intelligence test †¢ TV characters personality test †¢ Assessing Your RealRead MoreMy Personal Definition Of Organizational Behavior Essay1226 Words   |  5 PagesAbstract This paper will outline my personal definition of â€Å"organizational behavior† and how it affects the workplace in a both positive and negative way. As I established a definition for organizational behavior on my own, I realized how broad the term really is. I will discuss the different leadership styles and how they benefit the workplace, how the employees work ethic is based on the different organization structures, how organizational behavior can be promoted by organizational constraintsRead MoreGirl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen1305 Words   |  6 Pages In Susanna Kaysen’s Girl, Interrupted, this fine line between sanity and insanity is explored to great lengths. Through the unveiling of Susanna’s past, the reasoning behind her commitment to McLean Hospital for the mentally ill, and varying definitions of the diagnosis that Susanna received, it is evident that social non-conformity is often confused with insanity. When life becomes overwhelming during adolescence, a child’s first response is to withdraw from the confinement of what is considered

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Lessons Learned from Notes to a Native Son - 1731 Words

Realizing What Society Really Is Born in 1924, James Baldwin grew up in Harlem during harsh racism and the infamous Jim Crow laws. In addition to being surrounded by hate crimes and riots, Baldwin had a rough relationship with his father, who died when Baldwin was only nineteen. Twelve years after his father?s death, Baldwin wrote an essay, entitled ?Notes of a Native Son,? which described the events that took place around the time of his father?s death. Being one of his trademark talents, he also inserted periods of analysis while narrating the story. These insights, often reflections on his life and actions, illustrate the importance of learning to truly understand the society in which one lives in order to react†¦show more content†¦(63). He spent so much time despising his father and staying away from him that he lost touch with the special bond between father and son. He could have absorbed so much more knowledge and been much happier in his childhood if he truly connected with his father, because his father had so many experiences and perspectives of his own which could have been shared with his son. The father-son relationship is a very important base of learning, for the son, about his environment, and since young Baldwin separated himself from his father, he lost that chance. Although Baldwin did not really get to know his father, he began to look back on his life and realize that his father wanted only the best for him. His father would gloat with pride about how wonderful a preacher Baldwin was, during the short time that he was a preacher. James Baldwin could remember his father actually was ?grinning with pleasure? after his sermons, as opposed to the continuous look of disgust and hatred that he was used to as he was growing up (79). Instead of working off of the happier times that he had with his father, Baldwin ignored those times and focused on the many times where tensions occurred. His father also tried to spend time with his kids, but his ?inability to establish contact? made his kids actually fear whenever he was home (65). If he tried to play with them, they cried in fear; if he brought home a surprise, like a huge watermelon, itShow MoreRelatedEssay on Hatred in Notes of a Native Son1156 Words   |  5 Pagesranging from music and art, to the written word. But James Baldwin, a popular black writer during this time period, does not harp on this subject. Instead of preaching about his hatred for white America, Baldwin utilizes his narrative and analysis techniques to illustrate the destructive nature of the black society’s hatred for white society in â€Å"Notes of a Native Son†. The hatred many African Americans possessed during the 1950s caused multiple riots. Baldwin touches on this in â€Å"Notes of a NativeRead MoreThis Earth Of Mankind Has Been A Cruel Yet Memorable Story By Pramoedya Ananta Toer1636 Words   |  7 PagesIndies. Minke, a young Native man, narrates the story and shares his thoughts throughout the novel. The basic premise of the story revolves around Minke experiencing many social injustices, meeting remarkable characters, and developing his own opinion on the world around him. Tragedy strikes Minke when his wife, Annelies, is forcibly taken away shortly after their marriage. The plot, however, is not the highlight of the novel. The star of the story is the underlying message. From the very front coverRead MoreLac Sus I Love Yous Are for White People: Embracing the Vietnamese-American Culture1366 Words   |  6 PagesEmbracing Vietnamese-American culture What is it like to be born in one country and then grow up in another where people speak a different language and follow different traditions? And is it easy to grow up in another country where members of the native country pressure one to be one of their own? If anyone wishes to find insightful and interesting answers to these questions, one should go no further than read Lac Sus I Love Yours Are for White People. In this book, Lac tells the story of hisRead MoreA Brief History On Two Types Of Music Education1904 Words   |  8 PagesMethod, as well as a breakdown of these methods. Apart from this, you will also find a slight discussion on how I might incorporate these methods, if any, into my own teachings. Suzuki Method The Suzuki Method was created and developed by Violin prodigy, Shinichi Suzuki, after being asked by a colleague if he was able to teach his son. Intrigued, he set out the find out different ways to teach children, as well as the way in which they may learned. He observed that young children could learn the GermanRead MoreThe Intellectual Life of Miguel Hidalgo Y Costilla4212 Words   |  17 Pagesparents were Don Cristà ³bal Hidalgo y Costilla and Doà ±a Ana Marà ­a Gallaga. Miguel Hidalgo was a Creole, meaning that he was born of pure Spanish blood in a province of Spain.[2] Don Cristà ³bal and Doà ±a Ana Marà ­a conceived three more sons subsequent to Miguel. All of their sons were beneficiaries to the reign of Carlos III in Spain. Carlos III allowed admittance of Creoles to colleges and universities, thus inspiring Creole fathers to send their children to get a higher education and establish a dignifiedRead MoreThe Beat Generation Essay1538 Words   |  7 Pagesreproduced (though we hate to admit it) in death. (Kerouac, Jack. â€Å"On the road.†). This quote, from Jack Kerouac’s book On the Road, is a brilliant example of the overall feel of the Beat Generation. Jack Kerouac is one of the most influential writ ers of the Beat Generation, rivaled only by the likes of Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burrough. But what exactly is the Beat Generation? What does it mean? Who of note was involved? When did it take place? The â€Å"Beat Generation† is a play on words, implying thatRead MoreG. B. Shaws Pygmalion2306 Words   |  10 Pagesmore than from a common girl to lady. Higgins begins with what is to him no meant, and eventually has to acknowledge his creation as an enjoying and suffering woman. The play thus comes to move, in a manner unusual with Shaw, at more levels than one. ‘You have no idea’, Higgins tells his mother, ‘how frightfully interesting it is to take a human being and change her into a quite different human being by creating a new speech for her. It’s filling up the deepest gulf that separates class from class andRead More Cultural Values in Things Fall Apart2425 Words   |  10 Pages(TFA, 1996). Although Mr. Achebe’s early life was heavily influenced by the Christian missionary, brought on by British colonialism Mr. Achebe did not let the outside influence of British Colonialism affect his work at school and the loyalty to his native culture. He was extremely focused to accomplishing his goal in academics. Recognized for his academic achievement Mr. Achebe was accepted into the University of Ibadan (TFA). While attending college Mr.Achebe began writing and publishing shortRead More Heritage as an Idea of Oneself in Bless Me Ultima and The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven3027 Words   |  13 PagesSpanish-Mexican-American while also dealing with the dominant white culture.  Ã‚   Tonys mother and father, although both born in New Mexico, come from two different cultures.   His father, a Marez, comes from a long line of Spanish conquistadores, men as restless as the seas they sailed and as free as the land they conquered (Anaya 6).   Tonys mother, a Luna, comes from a line of farmers who have been given land grants and settle a colony during the short-lived Mexican period Her vision for Tony requiresRead MoreEssay on Theodore Geisels Emergence as Dr. Seuss3883 Words   |  16 Pagesreading for children, and inspire them to think creatively, but he taught many a moral lesson to us during what researchers have discovered are our most formative years. We have learned tolerance and consideration, individuality and compromise, and even morality concerning the ideology of nuclear armament(The Butter Battle Book, 1984) and materialistic societys effect upon the natural world(The Lorax, 1971). These lessons were often taught subtly, subconsciously embracing our young psyche, for as children

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Lao-tzu and Current Government Essay - 806 Words

Tao-te Ching (in English pronounced â€Å"dow deh jing†) is believed to be written by Lao-tzu (6th century B.C). However, it is not for certain that he wrote the book. Lao-tzu is translated as â€Å"Old Master†. He was born in the state of Ch’u in China. It’s been said that he worked in the court of the Chou dynasty. The day that he was leaving the court to start his own life, the keeper of the gate urged him to write his thoughts as a book. Lao-tzu’s work mostly illustrates Taoism –a religion founded by Chang Tao-ling A.D. 150. His main purpose in this piece is practicing peace, simplicity, naturalness, and humility. Lao-tzu believes that people are overloaded with temporal objects in this world. He recommends his readers to let go of everything†¦show more content†¦For instance, he says â€Å"If you want to be a great leader, you must learn how to follow.† (Lao-tzu 29). Instead, he focuses on introducing Tao- the path to liv e or the way to enlightenment. However, Tao cannot be translated in one meaning. It has different interpretations which depend on the use of the term. As he refers in his book, Tao is the ideal path to live our life and â€Å"Master† is the one that governs people without being felt existed. Lao-tzu pointed out that â€Å"[t]he Master leads by emptying people’s minds and filling their cores, by weakening their ambition and toughening their resolve.† (3) By saying this, he meant that people’s desires can negligent them from the real world and that is how the â€Å"Master† leads; by eliminating desires that make people steal and compete for power. On the other hand, Lao-tzu admits that being the best leader, partly depends on how people feel about him/her. As he said in his book, â€Å"Next best is a leader who is loved. Next one who is feared. The worst is one who is despised.† (Lao-tzu 17) There are many examples of how successful leaders ca n be when they are being loved by their people. It is a natural act that affects them in being let to stay in power or not. Similarly, governments at the moment face this fact too and as we see throughout the world, governments are being overthrown because of their people’s distaste and hate. That isShow MoreRelatedA Prince By Lao Tzu1754 Words   |  8 Pagesallow everything to harmonize with each other. These ideas come from the writer Lao-tzu in the piece called â€Å"Thoughts from the Tao-te Ching.† Lao-tzu presents many idealist ways in his writing. The main focus is on the idea that people are able to govern themselves and partake in the actions they desire without restraint. As he wisely states, â€Å"Practice not-doing, and everything will fall into place (206, Lao-tzu).† This advice is not, however, agreed upon by all humans. Machiavelli, the authorRead More The Ideal State of Today Essay1789 Words   |  8 Pagescreation of the first governmen t. For a state to be truly ideal, its administration and chief must have the right characteristics. A government is a system that governs a state. A leader is someone who operates the administration. Although this seems simple, historical and current chiefs and regimes have proven it is not. The teachings of men such as Lao-Tzu and Niccolo Machiavelli include specific details on the traits a leader must posses in order to run and maintain a government where he or she isRead MoreChina s Most Strapping Religion2065 Words   |  9 PagesDaoling. To date, there is a current Celestial Master that lives in Taiwan, Tianshi Dao. Most Taoist ideas come from the Chinese schools of thought. Unfortunately, there is not an accurate way to distinguish between the ideas that are fundamentally Taoist and those that Taoism took from other religions, especially Buddhism. The publications of the Tao Te Chong and other works are what provide a focus for Taoist thinking. The founder of Taoism is noted to be Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu is not the name of a personRead MoreThe Teachings Of The Buddhist Religion962 Words   |  4 Pagesbut that the school is very introspective and is isolated path to enlightenment. Also discussing the difference between being in an elevated state of bliss and actual enlightenment. Theravada is structured in such a way that it does not follow the current template of devotion, care and practice that religion has set throughout time rather it focuses on following the tenets that the left behind, and allowing each individual to tread their own path. October 26 (attended): We continued our discussionRead MoreUnderstanding Taoism And Ecology : The Encyclopedia Of Religion And Nature2196 Words   |  9 Pagesthe teachings of Roger S. Gottlieb to the teachings and concepts of Taoism, so that Taoism can be used as a force to solve the world’s ecological crisis. The fifth section will then apply the conclusions drawn in the previous section to remedy the current ecological meltdown occurring in China, since China is where Taoism is most prevalent and arguably the largest contributor to the ecological crisis. The conclusion will focus on the major finding(s) of the research – specifically the most importantRead MoreThe Moral Code Of Government And Leadership1438 Words   |  6 PagesGovernment and leadership have always been codependent with the citizenry. Leaders need people to govern, and citizens will willingly give up some of their own powers and freedoms for the privilege of having a leader to take them out of a c haotic, tension-filled state of nature. Because of this important relationship, it follows that, in a civil state, one cannot exist without the support of the other. For this arrangement to benefit each party, the individuals that make up both the citizenry andRead MoreTaoism And Confucianism978 Words   |  4 PagesWhen the government structure in China fell apart creating chaos emerged two major religions, Taoism and Confucianism. These two roles played a big part during this time to get things back in order. The difference between both religions is how they believed the structure should be. Taoism was not into much of the government. They believe the least the government the better. Lao-tzu who is the founder of Taoism is known for saying â€Å"Govern a great nation as you would cook a small fish† – do not overdoRead MoreCritical Response to the Tao Te Ching2847 Words   |  12 Pagesafter attempting to write it, how does one express the inexpressible? And after expressing said wisdom is action even possible (given the underlying current of passivity that flows throughout the Tao Te Ching)? The Tao Te Ching (despite its unassuming length) is the most important text for both philosophical and religious Taoism. Officially, Lao Tzu authored this book in the 6th century BCE, however, a majority of scholars now regard the work as having being compiled around 300 BCE, most likelyRead MoreThe Issue Of Digital Policy1787 Words   |  8 PagesPolitics is an ever evolving field, one with a rather symbiotic relationship to current events, as the creation of legislation can be rather retroactive. This concept of a retroactive refitting of current policies is furthered with the example of rapid introduction of computers and other technologies as consumer products. Many policies governing topics such as warfare, copyright infringement, and access to utilities as simply translated to the digital occurrences without second thought. AlthoughRead MoreEssay on Taoism: The Balance of Nature and Humans1876 Words   |  8 Pageswith its similarities. Both have beliefs in an inner light t hat will guide a person into the right direction. Taoism is traditionally pointed back to Lao-tzu. There is not much known about him and some scholar’s doubt he existed. (Hopfe)The Tao Te Ching is one of the most influential books in Chinese literature and was supposedly written by Lao-tzu. The comparison that comes to my mind first with Taoism is Hermetic philosophy and how they coincide. My infatuation with this religion and philosophy

Treatment Options That Work Melasma Is A Common Skin...

Melasma Treatment Options that Work Melasma is a common skin condition that causes skin discoloration on the face. Statistics from the American Academy of Dermatology show that the disease affects more than 6 million Americans. Of those afflicted by the condition, 90% are women. The number of products that have been manufactured to address the treatment of melasma is further evidence of how widespread the condition is. Sadly, the products make it appear as if treating melasma is easy; it is not. Before you decide to buy product X, Y or Z, I advise that you spend a few hours reading about the condition. What causes Melasma? The most common cause of Melasma is an increase in melanin due to overexposure to the sun. However, an imbalance in hormones can also cause melasma. This is often evidenced in pregnant women, hence the moniker â€Å"mask of pregnancy.† Other common causes of melasma include the use of birth control medication and other estrogen supplements. What Products are Available for the treatment of Melasma? There are a few genuine products that can eliminate skin pigmentation. With a little tolerance, you can achieve impeccable results using some of the products. However, the ultimate success depends on the type of melasma: dermal or epidermal. Kojic Acid, Papain, Glycolic acid, niacinamide and alpha arbutin When it comes to treating melasma, nothing beats the power of organic remedies. Kojic acid, one of the most potent natural treatments for melasma, is a powerfulShow MoreRelatedMelasma Essay example899 Words   |  4 PagesMelasma is a skin disorder that appears as irregular brown skin patches on the cheeks, nose, forehead and upper lip. Melasma is not dangerous, but can impair your appearance, personality and self confidence. Various options of treatment are available and dermatologists found the melasma laser treatment to be effective of all. Causes of melasma: Melasma is caused due to an over production of melanin. Melanin is the substance that imparts color to the skin. The exact cause for this type of hyperpigmentation

Case Study- Oz Supermarket

Question : Discuss about the Case Study- Oz Supermarket ? Answer : Introduction The report reflects on Oz Supermarket which is a newly setup retail chain with the aim of reducing exit queues at the checkout point. For achieving this goal, the retail industry has adopted PayWave technology. The report analyses the business operation of Oz Supermarket by providing proper recommendations. The report also illustrates proper option for improving the customer service with the help of proper specified suggestions. Business Operation of Oz Supermarket Oz Supermarket is a retail chain that is mainly set up for reducing problems that occur due to the queue at the exit check out points. The supermarket achieves it goal by adopting PayWave Technology. It does not accept cash. A customer with the card is allowed in the supermarket and in the market, a special RFID reader is installed in the trolley of the customers. When one of the items is selected by the customers, the item is automatically queued for payment with the help of the RFID detector and when an item is removed by the customer then it is automatically removed from the queue of the payment list (Pal Pattnaik, 2016). After completing the shopping, the customers merely exit the store and the total amount is automatically deducted from the card of the customers. If the balance in the card is not sufficient, enough for the shopping then an alarm will ring. The store has an alternative option for the people who do not have the PayWave card. Those people have to visit the front c ounter of the store for depositing money in order to get an alternative PayWave card that helps them to shop. After shopping is completed then also exit from the store same as the person with the PayWave card. The balance that remains in the card will be used by the customers later or they can return the card for getting their remaining back (Swamy, Seshachalam Shariff, 2016). Tagging every item in the store with the help of the RFID reader helps in incurring extra expenses which is mainly absorbed from the customers who visit the store in rush. Presence of shopping summary stations helps the customers to check their items that are present in the trolley. The car park area is charged per minute in peak seasons of shopping while in non-peak season the car park rates are very much lower. Recommendations for improving the business process There are three recommendations that are provided for improving the processes of business by reducing exit queue at the checkout points in the retail industry. The recommendations include: Just Walk out Technology:Just Walk out technology is one of the significant technologies that can also be used in Oz Supermarket. The technology is very much helpful in reducing the exit queues at the checkout point of the store. For this, the supermarket must have a Smartphone based app, which must be installed in the smart phones of the customers (Hassan et al., 2016). As the customers enter the mall, their smart phones are tapped at the counter of the supermarket and after then they are allowed to check into the shopping store. Surveillance cameras must be installed in the supermarket, which helps in scanning the identity of the customers for verifying their identity. The items that are selected by the customers are continuously tracked with the help of the surveillance cameras (Aryan, 2016). The premises of the Oz Supermarket must also be equipped with the help of microphones for keeping the track of the customers position in the store. The shelves of the supermarket must be fitt ed with the help of the infrared as well as load sensors for tracking the items of the stores effectively, which are picked by the customers. The sensors are also present which helps in keeping track of the people who are present inside the store. When the customers complete their shopping they go through the exit and after that, their phone is tapped with the help of the sensor. The overall balance of the shopping can be deducted from the customers account (Bates et al., 2015). This technology can be helpful for the supermarket as it does not only helps in reducing the exit queue at the checkout points but also helps in keeping track of the people who are present inside the supermarket. Use of infrared cameras:The Oz supermarket can use these cameras within its stores, as it will be the use of infrared cameras helps in improving the business processes of the retail store. The infrared cameras must be placed all around the supermarket. The infrared cameras must paired with some software that helps in determining the number of lanes needed to be open in the supermarket (Jog et al., 2015). This technology is very much helpful in reducing the wait time of the customers within the Oz Supermarket. The technology helps in enabling the store to execute at the front of the store that will be helpful for the supermarket as it helps in reducing the labor cost. The system is very much significant as it helps in improving the business without a big price tag (Bukowski Tubbs, 2016). The system comprises of various software that are developed by the IT department and the software are helpful in predicting the time that the customers will take in completing their shopping. The sys tem is also helpful in determining the number of lanes that is required to be open in the supermarket. The technology is quite helpful as well as cost-effective as it helps in reducing the cost of the labors. Use of Zipline technology:The technology is based on infrared sensors and it is very much helpful in monitoring the number of shoppers in queue. Zipline promising is a system that helps in telling the customers which is the fastest place for buying items. The concept of this technology helps in combining the sensors with the long-range, low power radio network. Algorithm that is present in the system helps in converting the sensor data into useful information, which can be displayed with the help of the phone of the customers (Patil Hedaoo, 2017). The system not only helps in checking queue but it also helps in handling them properly by providing proper view of the queue to the customers so that they can shop well without wasting must time. Option for improving customer service It is very much important to improve customer service for attracting more number of customers within the Oz supermarket and for enhancing the success of the retail industry. The option that is used by retail chain for improving the customer service includes: Adoption of Supermarket trolley GPS: The use of GPS technology based trolley in Oz Supermarket will be very much helpful in improving the customer service. The technology is very much helpful as it helps in telling retailers, the location of the shoppers in the real time and this data can be utilized for managing queues for guiding people about various special offers if they are interested (Ding Yang, 2016). The sensors are embedded inside the wheels of the trolley that helps in speeding the weekly shop. The technology is very much significant as it helps in guiding customers about various offers of the retail chain around the supermarket so that they can utilize those offers for buying things at cheaper rate (Maina, 2013). The device is also helpful as it assists in telling the location of the customers within the supermarket with the help of Bluetooth technology. The data is transmitted with the help of Bluetooth to the server of the shopper. The system is useful in altering the s upermarkets when checkout are required to be open which also reduces queue at checkout points. The technology not only helps in reducing the queue at the checkout point but it also helps in providing an extraordinary customer service (Heskett, 2013). This is because the technology guides the customers effectively within the retail chain so that move towards the direct direction by utilizing the advantages of right offers. The smart trolley helps in providing customers different types of discount vouchers. Suggestions for improving the business service or operation The customer service that is provided by the Oz supermarket can be improved further. This improvement can be brought in the supermarket by utilizing the suggestions, which are provided below: Incorporate Mobile Phones: The customers of the Oz Supermarket must incorporate mobile phones for improving the customer service within the retail chain. It helps in allowing customers to register in the platform of the organization for getting benefits. The mobile devices help customers in registering in order to have an effective communication directly with the various service agents (Braojos et al., 2015). If the organization have mobile dependent platform then the customers can purchase things with the help of mobile phones. Different types of software installed in the mobile phones help the customers in providing automated response to the customers when a customers ask for a response, which helps in enhancing customer service of the organization. GPS tracker installed in mobile phones helps in providing location of the different shops that are located in the super market (Teehan Tucker, 2014). This helps in reducing the difficulty as time of the customers that helps in increasi ng customer satisfaction. The use of mobile technology in the Oz supermarket helps in enhancing the mobile marketing through which the customers can buy products online without wasting time. Reducing Response time: Customer Service within Oz Supermarket can be improved by reducing response time when the customers want a reply. It is identified that customers does not like slow response rate as they have to wait for longer period of time for reply. Therefore it is very much necessary for Oz Supermarket that they must communicate properly with the customers and must provide response to the customers quickly. It is not important that the reply provided to the customers is true or complete but it is very much significant the response must be provided quickly to the customer, which enhances customer satisfaction (Lam Mayer, 2014). Customer software must be installed in the Supermarket, which helps in providing automated response to the customers when a customers ask for a response. This way is very much useful as the customers became satisfied that they get response for their query. Another advantage of using this system is that, this system helps in speeding the procedure o f response time by utilizing customer support email templates (Van Krumm, 2014). These templates can be uploaded into the system, which further helps in responding to multiple requests on a similar topic. This method or procedure is very much helpful in enhancing customer service by utilizing the software effectively. Prioritizing customer requests:For enhancing customer service within the Oz Supermarket it is very much important to prioritize the requests of the customers properly. The requests of the customers must be maintained properly so that the request will be solved or responded appropriately (Riquelme et al., 2015). This not only helps in enhancing the customer service of the organization but it also helps in managing the requests of the customers properly. For this also it is very much important to install customer service software which must be configured according to needs as well as requests of the customers. It helps in predicting the most urgent task and that is prioritized for providing proper service to the customers at correct time. The system maintains tasks in queue and the tasks are prioritized by the system as per its urgency (Heskett, 2013). The customer service reports are used additionally for accessing all the data of the customers for improving the service quality of the Oz Supermarket much more. Conclusion It can be concluded from the overall assignment that the PayWave technology adopted by the Oz supermarket is very much advantageous as it helps in reducing queue at exit check out points of the retail chain. It is analyzed that various recommendations are provided for incorporating technologies like Just walk out technology, use of infrared cameras and use of Zipline technology for improving the business operations of the organization. The assignment also helps in providing number of suggestions for improving the customer service of the supermarket. References .Riquelme, H. E., Mekkaoui, K. A., Rios, R. E. (2015). Internet banking customer satisfaction and online service attributes.The Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce,2009. Aryan, P. (2016). 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