Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A long walk home Essay

The whipping convolute tossed and hurled the icy come down in countless directions, saturating the now undimmed country cliffs. The tall huddles of trees were disrobed leaving them undefendable and stripped of their summer coats. Rays from the sun, were banished by the sufficient clouds that alter the once blue skies, and the gaga storm antagonised the ocean until its fury could be heard from afar.Emerging from the invariablygreen woods, clinging vehemently to his school bag and protective coat, stood a young, well-mannered lad. This lad went by the learn of jacklight. varlet was a sp castigately, yet benignant boy, tall, lean and of medium build, his skin was odorous and his look sparkled with a loveable mischief, which would becharm and sway any mother. Jack walked steady against the elements, homeward bound. The wind bit at his flesh, like an adder bites its victims. He tugged at his hood, hiding himself from the driving unforgiving wind. And it was for this agreem ent, this reason alone that Jack decided to get a line the short cut through the steep, provide cliffs.Read moreHeavy give lessons Bags EssayAs the twenty-four hours closed in(p) in, Jack became ill at quiet with his own redirected r oute. Oh He had climbed the cliffs onward, but never in these weather conditions, and certainly not this late in the evening, he knew oh so well, that if he didnt make haste, the darkness would close before he reached the top. As luck would ask it, the weather abated, the rain had eased to a mere drizzle, the wind to a decipherable breeze. And so he made his way carefully and guardedly up the steep winding cliffs.He was nearing the top, when he suddenly realised he had taken a wrong turn, the path, much(prenominal) as it was, had petered out, leaving a actually tricky way forward and so across slippery rocks and shingle with a sheer drop either side. But, if he were to turn back now, it would be hours before he reached his destination his parents would be gripped in the throws of panic. So, resolute and unrelenting, Jack move along his arduous mission, until he reached a pres date from where he could no longer proceed, seclude asideered no solution. bring up dilemma seemed mountainous there seemed no easy exit.The days light was diminishing rapidly. bring up panic gripped him tightly he needed to reach the top before the light faded. He scrutinized his location, scanning for any signs of help. right then, a voice, a sweet chummy voice belonging to a female child, filled the air.Are you alright there? You search as if you are in a bit of a pickle, would you like a hand?Jacks anguished eyes searched for the source of these utterances, he cut nothing. Did his ears victimize him? Was it the wind playing tricks on him?Hey fagt look so floor and worried, Came the sweet voice once more.Who is that? Spluttered Jack nervously, where are you hiding?Im here silly.And there, in front of Jack, genuine enough, st ood a daughter about the age of himself, her wavy, blonde hair flowed to her waist, she was waif like, crazy in complexion, slightly gaunt, but her bully blue eyes sent out a radiation of warmth. She walked sure-footedly across the rocks towards Jack. determine me, Ill show you the way, whispered the girl, that is, if you want to?The girl offered her hand to Jack, Jack hesitated, she seemed pally enough, but he really didnt know her.Honestly giggled the girl. I habitude bite you.With that, they exchanged smiles, held hands and continued on their way, the girl obviously penetrating the cliffs well, so assured did she place her feet. As they neared the top of the cliff, the boy asked.Do you ever get scared, in case you fire up?Oh no give tongue to the girl, I drop off once, I will never let that happen again.Were you hurt when you drop down? queried Jack sincerely. It could have been very serious. What happened?The girl sighed deeply, I too got lost once. If it werent fo r this stranger, I surly would have died. He offered his helpful hand to me, but as I reached out, I lost my foot and slipped, I ending up clinging to the march on of the cliff. That must have been so alarming exclaimed Jack. It was, but scarier than that, was the fact that the stranger disappeared right after rescuing me. How odd Maybe he was a pinch, chuckled Jack.Ghost? I go int believe in ghosts, said the girl, plainly amused by Jacks comments. Neither do I, said Jack defensively, in an attempt to mask his fears. gangrenous at this, Jack thanked the girl profusely, yell her farewell, and continued his journey home.Ghosts said the girl as she watched him leave.What a peculiar notion.most close-knit neighbourhoods have strange ghost stories, as it happened, this community was not unmatched in that fact. As this urban- apologue would have it, the cliffs were inhabited by a ghost, a ghost who lead people to their deaths, an crack of a helping hand shortly saw those who tru sted it, plunged fatally off the treacherous cliffs.Was this just a legend to stop foolish children climbing the cliffs and nuisance themselves? Or, was it something, far more supernatural?What do you think?Jack never saw the girl ever again.

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