Friday, October 4, 2019

Truth, Justice and Reconciliation in Latin America Essay

Truth, Justice and Reconciliation in Latin America - Essay Example How we choose to overcome these political and social obstacles will largely predetermine the success of our democratization endeavors. However, democratization, how difficult and painful it may be, is the only chance for Argentina to become a civilized community. In this situation, there are several possible paths we could choose. My task and the task of the commission are to analyze all possible options and pathways and choose the best for our country. The current role of the commission is to investigate the past human rights violations and develop new democratization strategies, based on the principles of effectiveness, forgiveness, and justice. People of El Salvador should realize that the commission on the truth was created to investigate human rights violations and offenses, the consequences of which the people of Argentina had been suffering for years. These investigations, on the one hand, will promote better efficiency of crime investigation, especially in terms of crimes against humanity. Simultaneously, these investigations will become the first step toward democratization, which will finally give the people of Argentina an opportunity to exercise their rights and freedoms to the fullest. Our Truth Commission was established the end of the twentieth century, following the end of the Dirty War in 1983. The primary aim of the Commission was to find out the fates and destinies of thousands of people, who had disappeared during the War. As a result, â€Å"we have discovered close to 9000 of these unfortunate people who were abandoned by the world† (Report of Conadep). Today, the goal of our organization is to exp lore the reasons of human rights violations in Argentina. The commission will work to identify the legal branches and fields of human performance, in which most human rights violations take place. I cannot but admit that the Truth Commission

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