Sunday, February 9, 2020

Interdisciplinary Programs - Writing in the Context of Myth

Interdisciplinary Programs - Writing in the Context of MythAn interdisciplinary theory of myth-making, myth-as-action (and myth-as-content) has never been so appealing. The knowledge of the fundamental characters and roles of the ancient myths gives us the chance to view our own lives through the prism of their impact on their respective communities and civilizations. This makes mythological analysis a fascinating search for connections between cultures, a study that invites comparative approaches, and at the same time, makes myths into context in our own times.Writing in the context of myth is one way of illustrating how theories of myth are constantly evolving. Authors from all traditions can use this method to deepen the idea, finding relevance and truth that were difficult to grasp before. It also allows authors to expand the concepts of modern mythology and not only to communicate the current trends in modern mythology, but to explain why there has to be no change in the definit ions of modern mythology. Just as today's modern myth is a fusion of cultural elements and Christian myths, so too will it be with tomorrow's new myths.In most cases, if you study mythology in an individual studies program, you will not have the opportunity to attend the symposiums and conferences where researchers discuss their findings. If you study mythology in an interdisciplinary program, you can attend events organized by scholarly societies, large corporations, and government organizations. In these situations, if you are studying mythology as a history of religion, you may find that you don't need to read the scholarly articles because you are the one who wrote the story.In addition to the classes that concentrate on myths as examples of everyday human practices, some students take courses in the history of mythology, the history of religions, and/or the history of theology. This kind of program includes a broad range of courses that explore mythologies from the Old Testamen t to Ancient Greek Mythology, and even to the Ancient American Indian Mythology and Ancient Asian Mythology. If you can't make the time to do this kind of program, consider taking one of the introductory course in mythology.Mythological argumentative essay topics could include: myths about the earthquake, fire, sex, evil, and parents. You should also know that if you take a course in mythology as an undergraduate, you can expect to get good grades in every class, including class discussion, laboratory work, or a hands-on research project.Writing for other researchers or for a magazine or newspaper is another possibility for your interdisciplinary coursework. However, it is important to remember that writing for the general public and other journalists is going to be different than writing for academic journals.No matter what the discipline, if you are looking for more argumentative essay topics that include mythology, you will likely find that there are a variety of options availabl e. Your field will affect the type of topics you will want to write about, and the appropriate writing style will differ between the topics. Nevertheless, taking a course in mythology should give you a rich education that you can use for many years to come.

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