Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Britain is a sexist society Essay Example for Free

Britain is a sexist society Essay Sexism is prejudice or animosity towards gender, institutionally or personally. The term is most often used for women, but it is generally aimed for all genders. In the United Kingdom, in the past few years 72% of women claimed they got abused due to their workplaces. Compared to 67% in 2002, 72% of women said yes, when asked; if they had ever felt intimidated at work by a fellow employee. Even with these results, 81% of the women said that they would not report these cases to their managers because they would be shy or worried. In addition, they believe that being female harmed their chances of career progression (82%) in 2006, compared to 78% in 2002 because males are the dominant office culture. The main reasons that sexism takes place is because one gender will feel another gender is weaker and not as successful as another. They will feel as if they have not got the ability e. g: workplaces without giving them any chance to prove themselves. This is clearly a stubborn and an ignorant way to treat people. Sexism is certainly taking place in the UK and there are numerous ways, which denotes that sexism does manifest in this country, such as: making prejudice statements and using offensive terms. In addition there was someone paying you less because of gender, this would be sexism. If you make friends and talk to more people based on their personality, this will help fight sexism and also joining anti-sexist campaigns will help the community.

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