Monday, August 26, 2019

The changes in media and uses of media in their lifetime and the Essay

The changes in media and uses of media in their lifetime and the effects on their personal, social and work lives - Essay Example Technology has and still is evolving so fast that it has left people utterly spellbound by the comfort added to a common man’s life. Personally, advancements in technology have helped me live my life extremely conveniently than I was living prior to the invention of television, cameras, and computers/laptops, etc. AB: What was the first technology that you used? Was that a common product in that time? AK: The first technology that I remember using with most enthusiasm was a wireless radio which was particularly special in the sense that it operated on FM programming which made it better than other radios most other people owned around me which used the AM method. FM radio technology was developed as an alternative to AM because it could transmit signals on any frequency. At the time I got one FM radio for myself in 1961, this technology was newly introduced and very few people owned it so it was not quite a common product in that time. But yes, FM radio technology became rapid ly popular during the 1960s and very soon it began to be recognized as public’s choicest medium for listening to rock music or classical plays. AB: Can you describe the first impression of your first touch with that technology? AK: Because the wireless FM radio technology I just mentioned was new at the time I bought it and not many people around me had one of the kind then, so naturally I felt extremely lucky, blessed, and enthralled because it was such an exceptionally modern and convenient medium of listening to music, dramas, and educational programs. At the time I first came across this prized technology, it was the fastest medium for communicating news of the day and the first choice of people like me who were unfortunate enough to get a television. However, only a handful people of my age possessed the kind of radio I had for myself in 1961 which made me quite distinguished among my friends and the memories of how we friends used to get together to listen to the classi cal music broadcasted on the radio are just priceless. AB: How did the media change? For better or worse? AK: Not long after commercial television stations were made available in the market during late 1940s, radio technology took hold of the people throughout the 1960s and onwards. While the technology continued to attract gifted inventors from all over the world, one after another riveting change in media got introduced at more affordable prices which revolutionized people’s lives for the better. Also, there were huge payoffs like myriad technology advancements brought people closer by turning the world into a global village and bridging distances. Many tasks which otherwise consumed many hours began to be completed in a matter of minutes and one can access the entire world through the internet while sitting at one place. AB: How did you communicate with your family or relatives in overseas in the past? How about now? AK: There is no comparison between the way I and other p eople of my generation used to communicate with family and relatives living abroad in the past and in the present. In the past, the means of communication with family and friends were extremely slow, time-consuming, taxing, and literally wore people out. In contrast, communication media now are unbelievably fast, liberating, rewarding, and facile. Now people do not have to wait for months for the letters written by them to reach their dear ones thanks to

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