Sunday, September 22, 2019

Africa Hunger Essay Example for Free

Africa Hunger Essay Today, i am happy to come here and tell you sth about Africa Hunger. First, i have a small question for you :† have you ever had nothing in your stomach for three days? Maybe none of you here have suffer it but in sub-saharan Africa, there are a lot of people died everyday due to starvation. In this presentation, i will tell you five things you may not know about hunger in Africa. Hunger in Africa has become a huge issue over the years. There are billions of adults and children starving. The first of five factors you may not know about Africa Hunger is Climate changes and bad weather significantly affect hunger in Africa. It push more and more people into hunger. According to Climate changes and Hunger, FAO, 2009; By 2050, climate change and bad weather will have pushed another 24 millions children into hunger. Almost half of these children will live in sub-saharan Africa. Why FAO can point out this conculsion, they have analized value of the number of hungry people from 2001-2009. this climate changes factor has create the following factor. Factor number 2 is rising food prices contributes to hunger in Africa. It is affected by climate changes and economic issue. However this problem can be solved since there are a lot of foundations for victims of starvation. However Factor number 3 showing that 2 factor above has crushed this part of the world is Africa accounts for 1 quater of the hungry population. From this chart you can see that there are 102 billion people in hunger all around the world and about 642 millions in Asia – Pacific. Sub- saharan Africa hvae reach 265 millions which mean 1 quarter of the world’s hungry population. The following factor will show us how terrible hunger is? Factor number 4: Hunger kills more people than AIDS in Africa. FAO has shown that 14,6 million African died because of AIDS but it is up to 42 million hungry deaths in the near East and North Africa. Factor number 5 relating to money have point out that it only take $0,25 to feed a child in Africa. You can provide a child with all of the vitamins and nutrients, he or she need to grow up healthy with only 5200 VN Ä  per day. Food is a humand right but there are more hungry people now than at any time in history. We can fix it. By this preresentation, i just want to send you a message â€Å" plz, don’t waste your food even a piece of bread†.

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