Friday, September 13, 2019

Comparing two pathways,Nussbaum's and McConnell's to tolerance and Essay

Comparing two pathways,Nussbaum's and McConnell's to tolerance and world peace - Essay Example On the other hand, McConnell in Don’t neglect the Little Platoons agree to the fact that moral education is needed in schools, but it such learning has to start with affection towards those close to us, and then spread outwards. According to McConnell, humanity is too abstract at large. Therefore, the strong patriotism in U.S citizens and its affirmation of universal norms of justice should not be viewed as to oppose cosmopolitanism, but have to be treated as a positive step towards it. Therefore, there is need for children to learn to love the good; religion would play an active role in facilitating this learning. Therefore, though the two writers had similar sentiments, their differences were on how cosmopolitanism had to be approached. The former advocated for an outward -Inward approach, while the latter advocated for an inward-outward orientation. ... In other words, McConnell asserts that without having a solid attachment and establishing stronger bonds through understanding those closer to you, one cannot purport to extend such understanding and loyalty to those far away from home. Similarly, Nussbaum a proponent of world citizenship agreed to this assertion by McConnell. Nussbaum agrees on the assertion that it was reasonable and good for one to be identified with a particular family, religion, political party, or any other body that offers a sense of belonging to ensure one achieves true identity and is able to appreciate others.3 Personal identity therefore according to the two writers comes first in promoting any type of citizenry. The difference between the two writers is portrayed in the way they approach the issue of cosmopolitanism from two different perspectives. Nussbaum believes that there are many benefits in embracing cosmopolitan education for the local concerns at home. Therefore, American students by critically e xamining the world, they would be in a better chance to learn about their own country and other undertakings, such different child rearing approaches, and that a two nuclear parent family does not function as a pervasive style of children rearing in the current world.4 Nussbaum explains the many advantages achievable in cosmopolitan education, and which can be used in formulating a better life for the American children, and help them become more responsible adults who have a deeper understanding of problems in other countries, and who can stand up for the sake of humanity globally. In other words, one has to learn many other things before one is in a position to

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