Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Orginal writing Essay

He had relied on stray sheep and animals as he knew he couldnt go past the village as hed die, he finalized to wait to see if anyone comes tooshie hed use his brother killing him with the spit hed been given my his late master, exchanging his brothers soul for his own freedom to travelling beyond the borders. He also knew the only other affaire that could escape him to his ultimate fate was also the knife he also knew that the turnab forth to what he wanted to happen could happen. He could if struck by the knife be killed also.In the convey the very essence of evil hung in the air, the endless darkness sweeping forward devouring everything in its path. Cobwebs hung all oer filled with decaying flies the only light came in from the holes in the walls stabbing the darkness. The small of centuries of decomposition stung the nostrils and the throat. The only sound was the drip of piddle and the occasional settling of giant spiders the cobwebs snared the skin hoping to catch t he person as if he was a fly.It was startling the in contrast with the cold air in the hills. He was anxious, hed reached his objective, and half knew the old gay was right. It was suicide. The man with jet black hair stooped low contemptible surprisingly quickly and quietly for a man his age next David to stop the worst thing that could ever happen, happen by doing he risked the worlds safety. Davids worst fears were realized stood in front of him just now approach the other was the monster, he was like a huge upright masher with huge black eagle like wings.The dark hair that cover his body was like needles, he looked that he could destroy anything. He flew out(p) of the window, looking for stray sheep or so he judgment. He ran finished endless rooms and corridors before finally stopping in a room. A room filled with gold it gleamed newly polished beyond perfection. A room that within its walls tucked into a corner was a blood red handled knife. He took it just incase and ran until he came cross ports someone, or something. The old man with jet black hair stumbled in agony the monster had just caught himBreathing both of his legs unable to pretend he sat and waited, waited for the inevitable for the knife to pierce him. He knew he was making a mistake, but if he did die, the worst possible thing couldnt happen, this thought calmed him, as he slipped into unconsciousness. The monster searched and searched for thee knife whang over wall after wall trying to find it. He was excited the sentence had come and the world would pay. He sawing machine out of the corner of his eye he saw David stooped low trembling in fear. He snatched the knife off him.Then slammed him into one of the citadel walls, not killing him but David were wise enough to pretend to be. David waited trough the monster as a distance away wherefore thought of what he had just seen. The monster had big red inflamed eyes, razor like teeth and dickens gleaming fangs. He stood on tw o legs not all fours and looked as powerful as he was deadly. David decide to get out while he could, he sprinted to the exit. The monster loomed over the old man with the knife. Stabbed him. His blood splashed on the ground forming a crimson puddle.The knife itself seemed to glow, the blood on the blade instantly congealed. A wisp of grey crossed from body to blade, sealing the worlds fate. David saw this hiding in one of the corners. He knew he should run but his legs would not allow it he wondered why the monster never had the time to kill him. Now he knew. He was taken over by something he sprinted over to the monster that was taken by surprise. He then reached out a hand a jumped almost horizontally finished the air. In all one move he took the dagger and plunged it sound into the monsters neck. He landed.The ground below him started to shake soon the ground gave way but not before the monster erupted into an inferno instantly killing David. His last thought was one of relief that the monster was dead and vainglory that it was he that had done it. The castle collapsed into itself. The knife and the two bodies buried below the ruins with them the knife, waiting for a new master to control it.

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